Friday, June 16, 2006

Bobbie's Genealogy Classroom

My website is intended as a background for classes I teach and talks I give, as well as a handy way for me to keep track of important websites and information. I don't yet have pages up for every topic and even when a page is up, it constantly needs to be updated. I keep plugging away at it, bit by bit... but it's hard to keep track of what has changed. At the bottom of some (and eventually all) pages is a date last updated, but that doesn't give any information about changes. I thought I'd use this blog to track changes. I hesitate to add something because each time I work on the blog, that's a change I'm not making. But I will try to use it to track some of the major changes I make. In the meantime, I hope you visit my website and find something useful. I appreciate notification of bad information and suggestions of material I might want to include.

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Jon Barbara said...

Hi there. Just by coincidence I found out that you discovered my Barbara Vassallo blog and added it as a link to your Malta Genealogy page: thank you very much! It is always heart-warming when your efforts are appreciated, even if silently :) I have added a link to your classroom website on my blog to repay the link :)